Our Story

Sweet To Lick is a place built Vegan from the start. In 2000 Michael (your baker) met a dope vegan lady. They went out and found very little vegan food and even less good vegan desserts. Our humble baker thought "I can do better then this, how hard could it be." Well, in 2010 he finally figured out the best chocolate chip cookies since time vegan. If your counting thats ten years of bad food she was subjected to (sorry Kathee). In 2011 we did our first farmers market, expanding the menu week by week. In August of 2013 we opened a real deal bakery. Continuing to expand our offerings to include a #VeganLunch so awesome carnivores can't say no. For the coffee lover we keep it simple. Our Long Island roasted coffee is always organic and fresh ground. If tea is your bag, our tea menu full of some great blends and a few puns. On #SundaySconeday we have fresh baked scones and turnovers, come early as these killers sell out. Whether its the spectacular rainbow cookie bar or the hand cut s'mores or our world famous ginger ale crumb cake, we have something sweet for everybody, even a few gluten free items (made on shared equipment).       

From now to infinity we are #VeganAllDay.