Aristotle says "Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." He never mentions the gender of those two bodies. And why would he? No mater the body we all deserve love and happiness.  One of the few rights we are given by birth is joy, we must fight to ensure we ALL are able to experience this.

We are a vegan bakery and market, but we are also a safe space. Whoever you are and however you are, you are loved and welcome. Come have a cookie, come have a few and share them with your loved ones. Edgar Allan Poe said "We loved with a love that was more than love." and we hope you will too.



We make "Gender Reveal" cakes for those who want to share what has been inside all along with the people close to them.  These cakes can be pink/blue on the outside and blue/pink on the inside.

$30 and up

We also make coming out cakes, this is just a cake with a special message. 

$20 and up


This page is less about the cakes and more just to make sure you know you are welcome here.